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What Makes PHP a Still Good Choice For Web Development?

Why is PHP Still Preferred For Web Development

With the emerging technologies and advancements, businesses have not remained in this universe. The increasing hype of digitization has made businesses quickly migrate their traditional business models to digital platforms. With that said, hundreds of thousands of websites are launched every day and technologies do not seem to be stopped anywhere. 

If you are also planning to develop a website, then probably you must be wondering how these popular websites are working flawlessly even with the increasing user base? Apart, more importantly, what is the best choice of programming language for web development?        

With the availability of hundreds of programming languages, indeed choosing the best one is always a tiresome task for the organizations. While there are so many options available in the market, therefore, you may feel like a kid in the candy store. 

However, to succeed in this highly competitive market, you need to pick a programming language that can help you build a website that runs smoothly and is able to implement updates. But the matter of the truth is, many developers always inclined businesses towards the programming language in which they are trained or expert to write codes. 

To make it easier, it is worthwhile to rely on facts and market trends. And as per market research, PHP is one of the web development programming languages empowering 79% of websites available on the world wide web. Apart from ruling the industry for more than 25 years, this programming language is holding the trust of developers in the market even today as well. 

Wondering what makes PHP a popular choice for web development? 

Before you get straight into the facts of why PHP is still holding the dominance in the field of web development, many of you are curious to know about the baseline of this programming language. 

  • Understanding the Baseline of PHP As a Programing Language
  • Why Is It Still Popular in Web Development?
  • What Makes It A Reasonable Choice For Web Development in 2022?

Let’s dig deep into these three major points…

Understanding the Baseline of PHP As a Programing Language

PHP is an open-source service-side programming language that has been around for more than 25 years and tends to evoke some strong opinions among developers today. 

Now many of you are wondering if PHP is that much mature programming language then why do developers have different opinions. But the truth is, many technologies and development tools emerge into the development sector, but PHP has kept its position strong. While it has slipped down in the ranking of the most popular programming languages, we still can’t overlook the fact that 80% of websites are continuously using PHP. 

Still confused why?

PHP is all about handling the back-end side or the server-side of a website or web app architecture. The PHP code gets executed on the server and the client-side only gets the plain HTML code that is displayed to the users by a web browser. 

PHP is a type of programming language that assists in loading data from a server and putting it into the HTML DOM but it won’t have too much control over HTML like JavaScript. A web developer can use this programming language to connect to different databases, apply scripts to HTML, start sessions and be able to perform various tasks. Apart, to make the most out of this programming language, you hire a website development company that can help you create responsive web apps using PHP.

With this statement, you must get a sneak peak of the baseline of this programming language. But what makes it so popular among web developers?

Why Is It Still Popular in Web Development?

 With the fact that approx 78.8% websites are using the PHP is known to be the most frequently used programming language in the field of web development. If you are wondering what exactly makes this programming language working is still stood at the prime choice of developers then here you need to know the reasons:

  • Easy Integration

PHP isn’t based on the stage; it can run on Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix. You’ll be able to utilize PHP autonomously or coordinate it with other languages. Web applications that build in PHP run on any web browser or platform.

Furthermore, PHP bolsters all major servers counting Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, and indeed individual web servers. And you don’t have to think about accessing any particular site or servers when hiring developers for PHP. All you need to do is hire a software development company. The best part is that if your project involves many different languages, they can be easily integrated with each other through PHP.

Therefore, it would be safe to say that hiring software development company will help you in developing a robust website using PHP as it offers an easy integration with other languages and platforms.

  • Easy to code

Not only that, but PHP boasts an easy learning curve and fast boot times. This makes it easy to hire software developers who are up to speed with little instruction and allows you to hire a website development company that can get your website live in no time. The language also has a low barrier of entry; if you have any experience coding at all, even just HTML or CSS, then you’ll be able to pick up PHP quickly. All of these reasons make it possible to hire Web Developer or Hire Website Development Company easily.

  • Open Source

PHP is a free-to-use technology that presents considerable savings for the development budget. Also, the majority of development tools that are usually utilized in combination with PHP are open-source software and can be used free of charge; thus, they additionally reduce the project cost. Moreover, there are numerous frameworks, such as Laravel and CodeIgniter, and various CMS, such as WordPress and Drupal, for example, that extend the functionality of PHP and make the development process easier and more effective.

  • Robust Framework

Many frameworks have been created based on PHP that offers a handy way for developers to create web apps quickly and easily. Businesses can take advantage of frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Yii, and so on. By using these frameworks, developers can create top-notch web apps or websites. Most of these frameworks support MVC (Model View Controller) architecture that expedites coding and enables developers to create efficient solutions. This allows businesses to hire web developer who knows how to use them.

  • High End Security

Some claim PHP is not secure enough as it is open source. But the truth is that any programming language is prone and vulnerable, it’s just a matter of how they are used. The security level depends on the expertise of the devel

opers and their practices. For example, one of the ways to avoid security breaches is to provide software testing. By the way, it’s an essential milestone of each project completed by our team. Our QA engineers perform thorough tests of your product in order to find all possible vulnerabilities and fix them before launching. With us, you can be sure that your website will have high-end security.

  • Dynamic and Flexible

Websites or web applications that are created using PHP are very secure because they offer fool-proof encryption. The capability of encryption and scalability add value to this amazing server-side language and make it a dynamic and flexible technology. Without any manual intervention, PHP-based web apps and websites can load automatically. It offers greater flexibility than any other server-side language in its field and it is customized to fulfill any business needs or requirements. Since it is an open-source language, one can use any code editor to write PHP code easily. 

Also, it can be combined with different libraries to produce varied effects. PHP scripts and codes are compatible with all servers and browsers without requiring any special configuration. PHP allows us to create user-friendly applications at less cost. You can hire a software development company for your business projects that uses PHP as their main toolkit to design a dynamic website or web application which is user friendly, easy to manage, secure and scalable as well.

  • Compatible With Cloud Services

Nowadays, many modern products tend to use cloud computing solutions like Amazon Web Services, for various purposes. Applications written in PHP are supported by different cloud services, such as AWS Lambda, for example. Thus, a PHP application can be deployed on a cloud server and achieve excellent scalability and other beneficial effects. Even more, the area of cloud computing is not monopolized by other coding languages, so PHP has taken its place in such implementations. However, when you want to hire a website developer or hire web developers for your business, it is important that you check their skills and expertise before hiring them. Therefore, make sure that your candidate has knowledge about PHP applications in conjunction with AWS Lambda (or any other service). This will allow you to get great results from your investment into a new project or redesigning an existing one.

  • Large Community Support

The popularity of PHP gave rise to the numerous community of developers, a fraction of which can be potential candidates for hire. The large number of available specialists results in high competitiveness and lower demanded wages, which is beneficial for reducing development costs. Besides, this language is rather easy to learn and implement, so even junior developers are usually able to effectively realize the basic functionality of an app. Also, because it’s not a very resource-intensive technology, hiring a web developer is a worthy choice as they won’t break your budget and are able to bring the best quality from the existing tools. So you have less worries about performance issues while working with apps written in PHP.

  • HTML, CSS and JS are all part of the same language

PHP offers embedded HTML programming, which is the reason for the incredible synergy between these two technologies. In most cases, a PHP script does not interfere with the HTML code of a web page but instead completes it while remaining inside the borders defined by <?php ?> tags. And vice versa, if you have built a whole page on PHP, you may integrate an HTML code using a script. In this case, the difference from a traditional HTML page would be the inverted order of opening tags: the PHP tags would precede the HTML tags. The same principle applies to CSS and JS, making them an integral part of a well-designed website. If you’re looking to hire a software development company or Web Developer or Website Development Company , hiring a team that knows how to work with all three languages will help you create an efficient and impressive website that works exactly as intended!

What Makes It A Reasonable Choice For Web Development in 2022?

While PHP has faced criticism from some developers who argue that newer programming languages like Ruby on Rails or Python have surpassed it in popularity, there are plenty of valid reasons why you should still consider using it for your website or software development project needs. Here are the top three reasons why it’s still a good choice to develop your next website with PHP as the programming language of choice.

  • Development becomes faster and easier with PHP

So much can be said about the beauty of PHP. On average, projects delivered in PHP are easier to execute than projects delivered with other programming languages. The shorter amount of time needed to develop an MVP of your product means that you’re more likely to reach your target audience in time, before competitors’ products are even out, while they are spending months building theirs. To speed up development, use PHP as your language of choice.

In addition, there are many more programmers who are skilled in PHP, than any other programming language. Having a wider pool of candidates to choose from, you won’t have to worry about finding the right people. Because of PHP’s simplicity and ease of use, we compared it to other software programming languages in a previous exercise.

 If you take these three factors into account, your product is more likely to be a success and not also-ran. The sooner you get it to market, the more feedback you will get and the more users you will accumulate. It’s a big circular motion. People use your product, they like it, they tell their friends about it, who then come back and ask for more features. By adding features that other similar products don’t have, you’re in a position to tap into an entirely new customer base. 

The more successful your product becomes, the larger your market share becomes. Again, PHP makes all of these things possible by providing a simple language for web development that is accessible to those new to programming as well as seasoned veterans of the craft. It’s a smart choice if you’re hiring a software development company or website development company to work on your project!

  • Using PHP for web development is cheaper than other back-end technologies

On average, hourly rates for PHP developers are 15% cheaper than rates for Python or Ruby developers. That makes it cheaper to find PHP developers, so they’re easier to find and hire. Isn’t it great?

For example, if you need a third-party CMS (e.g. WordPress or Wix), we can use PHP to help. You can use PHP in portions of your project or your entire project. It all depends on what your needs are.

PHP is an established programming language that has been around since 1994. Lots of talented developers have used it before so you will find support in case you have a question about your PHP project. There is a big community surrounding PHP, which means you’ll be able to find the answer to your questions pretty quickly if you contact a software development company or web developer. And lastly, if you hire a website development company, they will provide a solution to your project faster than other entities because they are more experienced than any other. Why not contact a web developer today?

How We Can Help You With PHP Web Development?

PHP is a constantly sought-after skill and can be an invaluable addition to your web development arsenal. We would recommend it for web development for the server-side of your web application because:

  • probability of good and easy scaling;
  • There are a large number of third party libraries and SDK that are fairly easy to implement.
  • plenty of good caching options.
  • many possibilities for quick API development.
  • a wealth of image processing tools and libraries;
  • development speed and flexibility.

The best news is that PHP is versatile and can be used for projects in many industries. Below are just a few of the industries that we’ve successfully employed it in

in terms of business intelligence, there are products like CRM and ERP systems, for example 

  • Leo.
  • financial technology services, such as trading platforms like TickerTocker.
  • apps like Aquiline Drones, which are connected to the Internet and are powered by the IoT.
  • logistics-related web applications.
  • online gambling sites;
  • In other words, everyone.

Well, if you decide to use PHP for the back-end, which other technologies might you need to go along with that? We typically combine PHP with JavaScript and its frameworks for the front-end, MySQL as the database engine, and AWS as the hosting.

So, to give you an idea of the projects we usually work on, here is an estimation for an ERP system for a concrete material manufacturer that is needed to automate processes and increase the productivity of the company. PHP and its framework Yii2 was chosen as a server-side language, and JS was picked for the client-side. The database engine MySQL was used together with NoSQL MongoDB (for storing documents). The hosting part was outsourced to AWS.


PHP is a popular, cost-effective and easy-to-learn language that is used in many different websites and applications. Being a widely used, open-source and free programming language, PHP makes it a perfect tool for designing numerous web-based solutions. Whether you’re making a website or web app, it provides you full control over how you develop your web solution. It is a very competitive server-side scripting language that is an excellent option for creating feature-rich web applications. Web developers specializing in PHP are easy to find, so you can hire one to create the website or web app that is the perfect match for your needs.
So if you have any idea in mind or are planning to migrate your business to an online platform then you can contact us or drop a query below!


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