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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Create a Social Media App

The intensity of technological-based life is developing colossally and building up an online social media application is a hot pattern nowadays. The online social media application is rising the opportunity to be a piece of the quickly developing market. From a business point of view, the specialty of social media life is one of the most encouraging markets. Obviously, this portion is thickly busy with predominant players, yet the fast advancement of innovation is persistently opening up new open doors for the acknowledgment of new thoughts. Take Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for that matter. It tends to hold more than 2 billion, 370 million, and 700 million monthly users respectively. (Source: ourworldindata) With the expansion of cell phone utilization overall, there have developed open doors for informal organizations with further developed highlights. Thus, there are numerous business people who can’t botch the opportunity to be a piece of the prosperous market and consider fabricating new web-based life stages. Thus, constructing a social media app may not seem like a very bad idea. And if you are walking down that road then here are some of the things that you should be knowing about how to make a social media app – step by step guide. How Many Types of Social Media are There? Overall, digital consumers are now spending an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social networks and messaging apps according to Global Web Index. (Source: SmartInsights) Thus, here are some of the categories that

Where, When And How To Choose A Mobile App Development Company For Your Business

Using mobile apps is the in-thing in today’s corporate world. It is needless to say; businesses go hand-in-hand with the emerging technologies and the internet. Across the globe, business scenarios are continually evolving and have turned client-oriented. Indeed, companies are striving hard to match up client’s expectations and retain a competitive edge over their adversary.   With worldly goods, your business needs a rooted and future-ready growth strategy to thrive in the market.  So, if by anyhow, you concluded: “You have a website, and that is enough.” Stop and think again. Presently, the spotlight in the business era is to observe the dynamically changing trends and step ahead in partnering with the app development firm for your business unmountable success. So, before you delve and start the search for the best mobile app development company on Google, let us draw your attention to some unskippable aspects. Also Read: 12 Signs of a Successful Mobile Application The Decisive Stats If your business core motive is to reach a significant client base, only a mobile app can help you do that. Indeed, it’s an undeniable fact that mobile apps have become primitive to businesses today.  Agree?  First and foremost, remember more and more people are switching to mobile from setting an alarm to booking a reservation, everything is possible with just a matter of touch. Image Source The above stats gives a clear picture of the increasing number of mobile apps in the Google play store from December 2019 to June 2020. Recently, the

Top 10 Key Strategies That Make Remote Work Successful

Over the decades, with the changing technologies, working patterns of the businesses have also been changed. Today, if you are trying to deploy a mission-driven approach with useful technology and expecting the production from your in-house team, then you might be mistaken here.  Today, remote work can be a perfect opportunity for employers and employees to create an accurate balance between your personal life goals and professional objectives. However, now the question is, how to build the right strategy to make the remote work successful? According to Statistics, two-thirds of companies in the US have remote workers and providing the perfect talent to the business seeking to meet their professional goals at affordable prices without compromising the quality of work.  Peter Druker Says, “Do what you do best, outsource the rest”. The case study submitted by Global State of Remote Work, reveals that 24% of employees are likely to feel happy and productive in their roles with remote work.  What exactly makes remote workers or offshore app development companies so curious about remote working, especially young professionals? Well, remote working has its charm and benefits over the current working environment. While there are fewer distractions in remote working, workers are extremely focused and create a working environment that suits their needs better. For startups, it’s a great way to keep operating costs low with remote working. Let’s have a glance over statistics and data related to remote working: Almost 56% of companies around the world require employees to do work

Why Choose Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development in 2021-22

Enterprise Application is one of the most prominent and crucial things in the whole environment of web applications. It is growing and fulfilling every need of enterprises and organizations. And what is the best thing about it? Well, the platform does not only provide cross-platform and open-source facilities to its user, but it also helps in developing modern, cloud-based, and advanced applications.  The whole setup of Dot NET is specially designed to allow runtime components, with the APIs, in compilers, and also with the languages. And yes! It is operational with macOS, Linux, and Windows on both the .NET Core or .NET Framework. This magical platform helps in developing high-quality apps. With the facility of modern language constructs that are Language Integrated Query (LINQ), asynchronous programming, and generics which makes the developer’s work productive Mostly the world is opting for dot NET is because of its versatile functions. There are mainly four major reasons for enterprises to adopt this platform: The whole development tends to enhance productivity and capacity. It manages to withhold the field workers, that is changing the whole nature of the corporate environment with a film adaption of smart devices Helping the users to aid better in their whole journey of business, Enterprise big data, and analytics provides with the smarter app.  So the question is – can you really acquire the whole ambiance of Dot net for enterprise application development that would help you get a successful picture for your organization? Well, we gotta see what

Some Top On-Demand Tech Skills That Would Help in Better Software Development

There is no doubt to the fact that technology has become one of the most integral parts of our lives. No matter if it is inside your workplace or outside, mobiles phone/laptops/computers; everything that is related to technology has affected our lives in one way or another.  As the technology is rising to a whole new bar, the need for people with top-notch computer skills becomes the top priority of every organization. These types of demands typically arise when through one of the two ways, which are: Either there are a plethora of jobs that need an appropriate program or skill set. There is a need in minimal, cranny operations, where certain audience have a particular knowledge that is needed for specific program in the ever-evolving technology production. Therefore adopting to more skill sets is one of the most advantageous things that any organization can do. Therefore, here is a write up that would provide you with some of the essential on-demand tech skills that should be adopted by every Software Development Company and techie. But first, you need to understand that why expanding your knowledge bank is essential and necessary at the same time. Why is it Important to have Top on-demand Tech Skills? The people that have the straight and right set of tech skills tends to enhance the desirability as a job candidate. Whether the user is in the midst of a small, high-specialized program or even if with the widespread one; every individual requires a qualified

Thinking of IT Staff Augmentation in 2021? Read This Before Proceed

IT Staff Augmentation

Do you want to start a project immediately and introduce work process efficiency? Staff augmentation could turn out to be an effective way to leverage existing resources and utilize outsourced resources for the benefit of your company. IT staff augmentation companies can assist businesses with contract programmers and a number of staffing solutions based on the needs and the budget of the businesses.  Also Read : TECH TALK: SELECT THE BEST MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT COMPANY According to a recent stat, countries like the UK are already losing about £63 billion a year due to 600,000 unfilled vacancies in digital technology. Also, 89% of employers feel that the shortage of tech skills will also affect them badly in the months to come. Does it mean the end of the creative economy in the UK? Definitely, staff augmentation is one of the best ways to get out of it. There are many benefits to staff augmentation in the IT sector. Till professional IT personnel to work on specific requirements, creating and maintaining the additional infrastructure and manpower, and save time & money. It is natural for companies to have concerns over the IT staff’s ability and productivity that they have hired following the recommendation of the staffing companies.  But the well-structured recruitment process and comprehensive screening process by these companies will ensure that critical information is validated and candidates are chosen based on their performance and ability to handle the job requirement.  Read Also : FIND AND HIRE RIGHT APP DEVELOPERS IN

Simple Guide on how to construct a mobile app with accurate icons for a successful business

With the App Store turning into exactly a battleground, application engineers need to make symbols that stand apart as well as give an outline of the key functionalities. The normal cell phone has 41 applications that the proprietor utilizes routinely.  What’s more? Your application needs to be one of those basic applications, you need an icon that makes your application look powerful. Versatile screens are little, in this way, architects can’t utilize an excess of text to depict functionalities.  The designers must pass on the functionalities and highlights of the application working inside the screen space imperative. This makes icons significant. Icons can convey the component to clients without utilizing names that occupy the room. This thought is equivalent to the application symbol, i.e., the one that clients find in the application stores even before they download the application.  Icon planning is a basic stage that requires top to bottom conceptualizing even before the advancement procedure begins.  Your application icon and application screen capture is the thing that your client will see first before introducing it. comScore reports that mobile devices account for 60% of all digital media time, with apps representing 51%. The stats show that mobile dominates across categories. In the event that your application symbol takes over 5 seconds to think what it implies, at that point it maybe should be rethought. So lets see what is the Importance of mobile app icons for a app development For what reason are application logos so significant?  Your extra

Estimating Your Next Web Development Project, here is the whole cost!

We are living in a time where mobile applications are rolling all the greatness over the world, yet you can’t preclude the significance of claiming web applications. Many web applications are made every month. The concern is no longer whether an organization needs a web application or not, but what is the cost of building an application to fit the organization’s financial plan and address business issues. Indeed, even to persuade your audience for downloading the application, you need a characterized stage to collaborate and exhibit the ideal data about your item.  Practically all associations are grasping the intensity of mobile application to meet their business targets and requests.  So the question is: why a web application advancement organization (even an enormous and very much experienced one) can’t tell the aggregate just by hearing out the thought? Why can’t web application development cost estimation be made beforehand? Here is when you lead your way to check what really impacts web application improvement cost, and why a plain thought is seldom enough. Let’s find out! Also Read: How to Hire a Right Dedicated Development Team For Your Next Project? So how does Cost be Broken Down? Today, there’s still disarray in the commercial center concerning why web application improvement cost shifts such a great amount starting with one organization then onto the next. With similar prerequisites, usefulness, and commitment model, cost to build a website and app may fluctuate from $10,000 to $500,000. Here is the reason.Hourly rates for web application

How to Hire a Right Dedicated Development Team For Your Next Project?

Planning to develop a mobile app? If yes, then the next question clicks to your mind is, whether you should hire a freelancer, offshore dedicated development team(DDT), or go for an in-house development team for your next app development project… Well deciding between these three options can be a serious concern for every business whether they are a starter or an entrepreneur. However, outsourcing the best mobile app development company can be an expensive choice but the unmatched product quality can easily cover up the initial cost. If you are still in doubt whether you should outsource your app development needs to a dedicated development team, then you need to know about these benefits of collaborating with app development companies. What Businesses Can Expect While Hiring Offshore DDT Model? Dedicated offshore development services come with great advantages. Still, we will take a deeper look to understand why enterprises and startups should choose the DDT model. Strong Back of Skilled Engineers: Reputed software development companies are backed by a highly-skilled, experienced, and certified team of developers holding the ability to develop business-growing applications and bridging a gap between your goals and success.  Cost-Efficient Solution: The biggest benefit of outsourcing the app development services is you can easily save a cost in terms of infrastructure and overhead expenses that are usually associated with the in-house development team. Moreover, the average cost of working with an in-house development team is approx $70 per hour whereas the average cost to hire app developer is approx

Xicom’s COVID-19 Business Continuity and Safety Plans

Undoubtedly, COVID- 19 pandemic outbreak has become a global concern for the organizations and have put them into a significant risk. Organizations are still in fear whether this risk is going to stay when the COVID-19 scare is over? To defeat this situation, companies have to proactively take all the measures to preserve employee well-being and business continuity during COVID-19… Understanding the critical implications of COVID-19 for ensuring the well-being of employees and business continuity in future, Xicom Technologies has already taken all necessary measures to minimize the impact of the pandemic and enabled “Work From Home” facility to their staff and crucial departments.  Adhering to Government instructions and following the social distancing, our staff, including IT, Sales team, Development Team, Testers, Project Management team and other members from other upper departments, are working remotely. Our team is following the same work ethics and working hard to stay committed to our promises and quality assurance services, for which we are known for.  Many of you are wondering how the tech industry is ensuring business continuity in the times of coronavirus? How does our team stay connected while working remotely? Will it impact the project deliveries or quality of the project? Let’s find the answer… Here’s How We Have Enabled Remote Working for Continued Productivity? Being a certified Software development company, we already had corporate protocols in place which allow us to reimagine the new business working environments for all departments without any hassle.  Our team is working with highly encrypted

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