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What Makes PHP a Still Good Choice For Web Development?

With the emerging technologies and advancements, businesses have not remained in this universe. The increasing hype of digitization has made businesses quickly migrate their traditional business models to digital platforms. With that said, hundreds of thousands of websites are launched every day and technologies do not seem to be stopped anywhere.  If you are also planning to develop a website, then probably you must be wondering how these popular websites are working flawlessly even with the increasing user base? Apart, more importantly, what is the best choice of programming language for web development?         With the availability of hundreds of programming languages, indeed choosing the best one is always a tiresome task for the organizations. While there are so many options available in the market, therefore, you may feel like a kid in the candy store.  However, to succeed in this highly competitive market, you need to pick a programming language that can help you build a website that runs smoothly and is able to implement updates. But the matter of the truth is, many developers always inclined businesses towards the programming language in which they are trained or expert to write codes.  To make it easier, it is worthwhile to rely on facts and market trends. And as per market research, PHP is one of the web development programming languages empowering 79% of websites available on the world wide web. Apart from ruling the industry for more than 25 years, this programming language is holding the trust of developers in

Estimating the Web App Development Cost: How To Set the Budget Rightly?

How much does it cost to make an app is one of the most often asked questions of businesses? If this is your first question while planning to create an app in 2022, then the blog guide is here to help you.  Have you got an innovative web app development idea, but wondering how much it will cost you? Well, once you land in the overcrowded app development market, you will quickly get into the dilemma of what exactly the app will cost you and how long it takes. In the race of proving themselves winners among one another, marketers provide the lowest development estimations of $10,000 to $15,000 building a web app. Indeed these estimations are tempting to believe, but before you put your trust in these estimations, have a thought on these two questions: What exactly makes these figures? How have they estimated the web app development cost without knowing your business requirement? Even the industry’s best app developers fail to answer this question without knowing the expectations and goals of your business. So before you immediately get started with the project, clear your doubts about the cost of web app development. To help you gather all such information in one place, here we have prepared a complete guide to developing an app and its cost estimation. By the end of this blog, you will get to know all the major factors that affect the web app development cost and understand the cost estimation process.  Key Highlights of

How Much Does it Cost to Develop An E-commerce Website in 2021-22?

With the increasing trend of digitization, undoubtedly, ecommerce stores have successfully replaced brick-and-mortar retailers. According to the survey report of Statista, global ecommerce retail sales have amounted to $3.53 trillion and it is projected to grow to $6.54 trillion in 2022. But that has been projected before COVID-19! However, considering the current situation where the pandemic wave has shut down the business of all domains and putting the entire industry at the red alert, on the other side e-retail has noticed a sudden boom. Moreover, it won’t be wrong to say that Covid-19 has pushed the growth of the ecommerce sector to the next level. If considering the survey reports, it is revealed that 50% of the small businesses are having websites, while 30% of small companies are still planning to invest in web development and the remaining percentage of companies are still assuming the web development is an additional burden for them. However, the reality is something else! Firstly, many businesses are lacking knowledge of technology, therefore they avoid creating an ecommerce site. Secondly, still many people believe that ecommerce website development may cost you an expensive amount. So the central question remains the same: how much does it cost to develop an ecommerce website in 2021-22? Well, there are many website development companies that can estimate it between the brackets of $10,000 to $50,000. However, the cost of ecommerce web development is depending upon the various factors including the type of platform you choose, features and functionalities of

Why Choose Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development in 2021-22

Enterprise Application is one of the most prominent and crucial things in the whole environment of web applications. It is growing and fulfilling every need of enterprises and organizations. And what is the best thing about it? Well, the platform does not only provide cross-platform and open-source facilities to its user, but it also helps in developing modern, cloud-based, and advanced applications.  The whole setup of Dot NET is specially designed to allow runtime components, with the APIs, in compilers, and also with the languages. And yes! It is operational with macOS, Linux, and Windows on both the .NET Core or .NET Framework. This magical platform helps in developing high-quality apps. With the facility of modern language constructs that are Language Integrated Query (LINQ), asynchronous programming, and generics which makes the developer’s work productive Mostly the world is opting for dot NET is because of its versatile functions. There are mainly four major reasons for enterprises to adopt this platform: The whole development tends to enhance productivity and capacity. It manages to withhold the field workers, that is changing the whole nature of the corporate environment with a film adaption of smart devices Helping the users to aid better in their whole journey of business, Enterprise big data, and analytics provides with the smarter app.  So the question is – can you really acquire the whole ambiance of Dot net for enterprise application development that would help you get a successful picture for your organization? Well, we gotta see what

Estimating Your Next Web Development Project, here is the whole cost!

We are living in a time where mobile applications are rolling all the greatness over the world, yet you can’t preclude the significance of claiming web applications. Many web applications are made every month. The concern is no longer whether an organization needs a web application or not, but what is the cost of building an application to fit the organization’s financial plan and address business issues. Indeed, even to persuade your audience for downloading the application, you need a characterized stage to collaborate and exhibit the ideal data about your item.  Practically all associations are grasping the intensity of mobile application to meet their business targets and requests.  So the question is: why a web application advancement organization (even an enormous and very much experienced one) can’t tell the aggregate just by hearing out the thought? Why can’t web application development cost estimation be made beforehand? Here is when you lead your way to check what really impacts web application improvement cost, and why a plain thought is seldom enough. Let’s find out! Also Read: How to Hire a Right Dedicated Development Team For Your Next Project? So how does Cost be Broken Down? Today, there’s still disarray in the commercial center concerning why web application improvement cost shifts such a great amount starting with one organization then onto the next. With similar prerequisites, usefulness, and commitment model, cost to build a website and app may fluctuate from $10,000 to $500,000. Here is the reason.Hourly rates for web application

Xicom’s COVID-19 Business Continuity and Safety Plans

Undoubtedly, COVID- 19 pandemic outbreak has become a global concern for the organizations and have put them into a significant risk. Organizations are still in fear whether this risk is going to stay when the COVID-19 scare is over? To defeat this situation, companies have to proactively take all the measures to preserve employee well-being and business continuity during COVID-19… Understanding the critical implications of COVID-19 for ensuring the well-being of employees and business continuity in future, Xicom Technologies has already taken all necessary measures to minimize the impact of the pandemic and enabled “Work From Home” facility to their staff and crucial departments.  Adhering to Government instructions and following the social distancing, our staff, including IT, Sales team, Development Team, Testers, Project Management team and other members from other upper departments, are working remotely. Our team is following the same work ethics and working hard to stay committed to our promises and quality assurance services, for which we are known for.  Many of you are wondering how the tech industry is ensuring business continuity in the times of coronavirus? How does our team stay connected while working remotely? Will it impact the project deliveries or quality of the project? Let’s find the answer… Here’s How We Have Enabled Remote Working for Continued Productivity? Being a certified Software development company, we already had corporate protocols in place which allow us to reimagine the new business working environments for all departments without any hassle.  Our team is working with highly encrypted

Top PHP Frameworks For Web Development in 2019

PHP is right now the most popular programming language which is being used to build all kinds of websites. Look at this statistics which says that right now PHP is used by about 79.1% of all the websites on the internet. PHP is known for its many popular frameworks that help PHP developers by providing them highly functional modules, a platform for creating robust web applications, reusable components and enabling them to build web applications rapidly. PHP frameworks also provide developers a basic structure and foundation so that they don’t need to always start from scratch. These PHP frameworks provide coding standards and developer guidelines by standardizing the process of web development. Nowadays, developers are required to build multifaceted websites and web applications and PHP frameworks offer developers an adequate solution to work in a more structured and efficient way. There are many PHP frameworks available in the market like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, CakePHP and more. In this article we are giving you top PHP framework list so that you can go through it and choose the best PHP framework for your project. First let’s look at this Google Trend which shows that Laravel still remains the most searched framework for all new PHP projects. Now let’ look at the most popular PHP frameworks one by one. All of these latest PHP frameworks are free and open source hence you can try out anyone which you find interesting. 1. Laravel Laravel was released in 2011 and no doubt it

9 Best Reasons To Choose Java For Web Development

Java programming language was developed by Sun Microsystem in 1995. Sun Microsystem was later acquired by Oracle in 2010 thus now Oracle owns Java. During these past more than 24 years of its journey Java has emerged as the foundation of most of the networked applications today and it has proved that it is highly useful for enterprise software, mobile applications, web scripting games and embedded systems. Java has been used to build so many banking and financial applications which are running in so many banks all over the word. Java is also being used by big enterprises like Amazon, Google and Facebook therefore Java is considered as one of the best option for enterprise and maintainable web development. Hence we can say that you can easily use java for web development and Java is one of the best programming language created ever. So many developers around the world are so much passionate to work as Java developer. There are several advantages for choosing Java for web application development. Let’s discuss all of those reasons why you should choose Java for web development. 1. Java is Platform Independent This is one of the best reason to choose Java for web development. Java enables developers to write once and use or reuse the code anywhere. This is one of the most important feature and benefit of Java which makes it highly portable and thus it can be used in multi-platform applications easily. Therefore, businesses don’t have to worry about changing hardware

Steps for Choosing a Technology Stack for Your Web Application Development Project

If you are a founder of a company or a CEO or a CTO or other stakeholder, then many times you need to decide how to build a software product. But many a times these people face trouble deciding about the tech stack for their web application. They are confused for the following things: whether to use Python or Java as a language node.js or Flask/Django as a web framework what is the best front-end option: Angular, React or VueJS Which database to use – MySQL, Postgres or MongoDB Should you self-host with Apache or Nginx on DigitalOcean or just go with Amazon AWS If you too are going for Web Application Development and you still have these types of questions in mind and you don’t know where to start, then this article can help you to make your decision.   Tech stack is actually the combination of programming languages, tools and frameworks which the developers use to build web and mobile applications. Mainly there are two main components in any application i.e. client side and server side, also known as front end and back end.   A stack is created when we build one layer of application atop the other, with the help of codes and hardware modules ranging from generic to specific. A tech stack contains different layers of components/servers that developers use to build software applications and solutions. We have many choice of tech stacks in the web development world hence people sometimes get confused. Generally, people

Steps Followed By The Web Developer To Build a Dynamic Website

A professional website is a reflection of a brand and how the business of that brand would be. A website is undoubtedly the first impression on the website visitors about the brand and just everything else pertaining to the business. A website should be perfectly designed and developed by the expert web developer who has had past experience of creating such websites. If you don’t choose an expert website developer with a lot of previous experience in creating the website in your niche, there are chances that the website built will not be perfect at all. Don’t you want a great website to represent your business or brand? Would you compromise with the quality of the website built by an unprofessional web development company? Well, your answers to the above questions should be very much wisely thought of as a small ignorance or compromise can lead to a bad future of the website. The key difference in the websites created by a web developer who is expert and an inexperienced developer is that when you hire web developer with a significant amount of experience in creating some really creative and unique websites, he knows the steps as well as the phases that are involved in developing and prior the development process- how designing the website with wholesome heart is important as it is the fundamental basis of the website.   We literally can’t say that development is more important, because of the coding part seems to be tough to everyone!

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